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Pre-Flight Starters


Garlic Cheesy Bread

Garlic butter sauce on a pizza dough baked with a melty blend of mozzarella, white cheddar, sharp smoked provolone, and asiago cheeses. Includes choice of garlic butter cup, marinara cup, or ranch cup for dipping.


Buffalo sauce on a pizza dough baked with a melty blend of mozzarella, white cheddar, sharp smoked provalone, and asiago cheeses. Includes choice of garlic butter cup, marinara cup, or ranch cup for dipping.

Buffalo Cheesy


Garlic Knots

A dozen knots handcrafted & tied with love. Made from fresh buttery-tasting dough & baked to a golden brown. Crusty on the outside & soft on the inside. Drizzled with garlic butter & tossed in grated romano. Served with a side of garlic butter for dipping!


Bacon Spinach Arugula Salad

A bold & tasty blend of fresh spinach & fresh baby arugula topped with smokehouse bacon, fresh sliced mushrooms & red onions.


Mesquite grilled all-white chicken breast & garden greens with fresh sliced tomatoes, green peppers & shredded cheddar.


Garden Salad

Mixed greens with fresh sliced mushrooms, green & red peppers, red onions, tomatos & black olives.

Grilled Chicken Salad

Shaved smoked ham, pepperoni, apple & hickory smoked capicola, tender roast beef on a bed of garden greens with fresh sliced tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, black olives & a blend of cheddar & mozzarella.

Hangar Salad


Larger Version of our Garden Salad with mixed greens with fresh sliced mushrooms, green & red peppers, red onions, tomatos & black olives.

Party Salad


Sky High Fries


Full pound of Crispy Oven Fries with a side cup of cheddar sauce for dipping.


Loaded Hangar Fries

Our Crispy Oven Fries loaded with cheddar & mozzarella, smokehouse bacon, fresh sliced green onions & ranch drizzle on top! A meal in itself or plenty to share!


Garlic Parm Fries

Full pound Crispy Oven Fries tossed in our buttery Herb-Garlic-Parmesan seasoning & served with ranch for dipping!

Pound of Cheese Fries

Cheese Fries


Half pound crispy oven fries. Perfect for sharing!

Plain Fries


Half pound of our crispy oven fries.

Single Serving Fries

Single Cheese Fry.png

Half pound of our crispy oven fries with a cheese cup for dipping!

Single Serving
Cheese Fries

8" Zeppelin Subs


The Lucky Lindy

Massive meatball sub served with provolone & parmesan cheese, fire roasted peppers, onions & savory marinara.

The Barrel Roll.png

The Barrel Roll

Our Cubano Sandwich. Combination of hardwood smoked pulled pork & hickory smoked capicola, and melted Swiss cheese then topped with Carolina Gold BBQ, red onions & our sweet & zippy pickles.


The Staggerwing

Mesquite grilled all-white chicken, piled with hardwood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, provolone & finished with creamy ranch.


The Pushback Tug

The machines that push around large airplanes must be mighty & hard working, like this sub. Hickory smoked capicola, shaved smoked ham, tender roast beef, pepperoni & provolone cheese. Then finished with lettuce, tomato & red onions. Plus it's served with a side of our Sweet Basil Dressing for you to pour on top!


The Pilot

A BLT sandwich with attitude. A pile of hardwood smoked bacon, real melted provolone, arugula, & fresh sliced tomato, then finished with our after burner sauce. You just need the sunglasses.


The Voyager

The Voyager was the first plane to fly around the world non-stop in 1986. The flavors of this sandwich is just as bold with it's tender slices of aujus soaked roast beef, mozzarella cheese, fire roasted peppers & onions, mushrooms and a cup of aujus to dip!


The Cheese
Wright Flyer

Shaved smoked ham with real provolone & Swiss cheeses, arugula & topped with sweet & tangy honey mustard.

IMG_8172 (1).jpg

The Windsock

A windsock tells the speed & direction of the wind, so you can select the right runway. You won't go wrong choosing this filling sandwich with our 6 hour smoked pulled pork, tossed in Sweet Baby Rays BBQ, provolone, red onions & our sweet and zippy pickles.


Twisty Noodles


Navigator Meatballs & Noodles

Twisty cavatappi noodles baked with a load of meatballs in our hangar made marinara & covered with melted mozzarella. Can be ordered with Plant Based Sausage Crumbles & Plant Based Vegan Cheese.

IMG_5664 (1).jpg

Airspeed Chicken Supreme

Twisty Cavatappi Noodles covered in our hangar made roasted garlic cream sauce, tender grilled all-white chicken breast, topped with mozzarella & sprinkled with fresh diced red pepper. This dish is available with Plant Based Chicken and Plant Based Vegan Cheese.

IMG_5663 (1).jpg

Humpty Bump Bacon Mac

Twisty cavatappi noodles baked with hardwood smoked bacon in our creamy cheddar sauce & melty mozzarella. Can be ordered with Plant Based Sausage Crumbles & Plant Based Vegan Cheese.

Ribs & Wings

IMG_2588 (2).JPG

6 or 12 pc
Chicken Wings

An aviation themed restaurant better have good wings and these meaty and juicy hunks are oven-roasted golden brown with a crispy texture. Tossed in your choice of sauce. (GF)


4 or 8 pc
Chicken Tenders

Breaded & baked crispy with your choice of dipping sauce.

Turkey Ribs

Slow cooked whole white meat turkey on the bone, slathered in Sweet Baby Rays BBQ.



The Airventure.png

The Airventure

Our handmade dough layered with creamy garlic sauce, beer brat sausage, Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds, fresh-cut green peppers, and sliced red onions!

The Crazy 8 Cubano.png

The Crazy 8 Cubano

This one starts with Carolina Gold BBQ, mozzarella, smoked pulled pork & shaved smoked ham, after cooking it's topped wtih sweet and zippy pickles!! Caution: Crazy 8s can be zippy.


The Flyin Hawaiian

Your tour around the island starts with a Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ base, mozzarella, extra shaved smoked ham, an extra portion of Dole pineapple bits PLUS extra mozzarella & finished with another swirl of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ.

Great Waldo Pepper-oni

The Great Waldo Peppe-roni

If you love pepperoni this is your pizza romance! The Great Waldo Pepper-oni starts with our classic red sauce, then a plane load of pepperoni, a generious layer of cheese, and then topped with another plane load of pepperoni and blanketed with a another layer of mozzerella cheese. OH MY, YUM!!

The boss of the airfield. Your clearance for adventure starts with our classic red sauce, spinach, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, sausage chunks, hardwood smoked bacon, shaved smoked ham, mild banana peppers, black olives, green peppers, red peppers, PLUS extra mozzarella. Please allow a few extra minutes for preparation and cooking.


The Control Tower

The Prop Wash.png

The Prop Wash

A classic pizza that is sure to get your propeller spinning! It starts with classic red sauce topped with mozzarella, mushrooms, red onion, green peppers, black olives and our sausage chunks. Contact!!

The Philly Flyer.png

The Philly Flyer

This Philly Cheesesteak pizza starts with a creamy garlic base, sliced roast beef topped with mozzarella, sliced green and red peppers, mushrooms, and sliced red onions.

Full Throttle

Full Throttle

Our savory meatball pizza. Why is it called Full Throttle? Because we switch it up & start wtih a marinara base. Then top it with meatballs, fire roasted peppers & onions, mozzarella cheese & parmesan cheese makes this pizza (meat)balls to the wall!


The Taildragger

Touchdown to a three-point landing with our classic red sauce, mozzarella, piled with pepperoni, sausage chunks, shaved smoked ham & our hardwood smoked bacon. Meat lovers only need apply.

Chicken Tikka

Our take on everyone's favorite Indian dish converted to pizza. Creamy tomato curry base with an all-white chicken breast marinated in our Tikka Masala & topped with mozzarella, sliced onions, green peppers & red peppers, finished with bits of fresh cilantro.

The Chicken Tikka Masala

My project (6).png

The Wing Walker

This dare devil pizza starts with a creamy garlic base then topped with mozzarella, grilled mesquite all-white chicken, hardwood smoked bacon, red onions, and finished with a scribble of Ranch! Go on, take a walk on the wild side!

My project (7).png

The Flying Circus

The show opens with a base of Zippy Circus Sauce with mozzarella, buffalo drenched grilled all-white chicken breast, hardwood smoked bacon, red onions, banana peppers & topped with a few loops of our Hangar Ranch. Upgrade with bleu cheese crumbles for an encore presentation!

Puddle Jumper

The Puddle Jumper

A true flight to paradise! Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ, mozzarella, mesquite all white chicken breast, hardwood smoked bacon, red onions, and the sweetest Dole pineapple bits we can find. Then topped off with another swirl of SBR!

Soaring Glider

Soaring Glider

Sun-dried tomato pesto base with sliced fresh tomatoes & mozzarella. After baking we top it with arugula, basil, diced tomatos & finish with a balsamic glaze drizzle. (Vegetarian)

Hanger Queen.png

The Hangar Queen

Creamy garlic base with an all-veggie selection of fresh mushrooms, red onion, green pepper, red peppers, black olives & fresh sliced tomatoes! (Vegetarian)

Ground School

Ground School

The first step to learning to fly is Ground School. Our classic style red sauce, layered fresh sliced tomatoes, red peppers, mild banana peppers, red onions, fresh spinach & Dole pineapple bits. (Vegetarian)

Loop to Loop

Loop to Loop

Mac & Cheese meets pizza, the best of both worlds combined! Corkscrew pasta noodles with a zesty cheddar topped with mozzarella. (Vegetarian) Upgrade with pepperoni, bacon, or pulled pork for an extra flip!

Plain Plane

Plain Plane

A plain cheese pizza. That's right, it's that glorious melty mozzarella delight that proves sometimes, less is more! (Vegetarian)

Bucky the Barnstormer

Create Your Own

Create Your Own - Want to fly solo? File your own flight plan and chart your own course by adding toppings of your choice. You are cleared for takeoff!


Post Flight Checklist

Cinnamon Knots


Bucky's Brownies

Grandma's Ugly Cookie

Cinnamon Knots

Cinnamon Knots

Handcrafted knots made from fresh buttery-tasting dough and baked until golden brown. Crusty on the outside soft on the inside, tossed in a perfect blend of cinnamon and sugar. Served wtih a side of vanilla icing for dipping or drizzling.

Buckys brownie

Bucky's Brownies

Bucky's own 7 inch fudge chocolate chip brownie, baked wtih a fabulous crispy crackly top & chewy, ooey gooey inside that defines brownie nirvana. Enough to share & served warm.

Grandmas Ugly Cookie.png

Grandma's Ugly Cookie

7 inches of soft and chewy chocolate chip goodness. Made with 100% real butter and a tanker load of chocolate chips! Served Warm.




2 Liter

Diet Pepsi.png

Diet Pepsi

2 Liter



2 Liter

Diet Coke.png

Diet Coke

2 Liter



2 Liter

Mountain Dew.png

Mountain Dew

2 Liter


Root Beer

2 Liter


Pink Lemonade

2 Liter


Bottle of water

16 oz bottle

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